Cars drive through deep flooded streets during a winter storm.

February 2024 Winter Storm Recovery

On February 4, 2024, the County of Los Angeles proclaimed a local emergency due to the early February 2024 Winter Storm. This powerful, slow moving atmospheric river storm system struck a large portion of the State of California including Los Angeles County. Impacts are expected to be seen for the next several days, even weeks. The County is in the process of assessing damage to infrastructure and private properties countywide, as well as supporting residents with their individual recovery efforts.

The Damage Collection Survey link below will assist the County of Los Angeles in collecting damage information and estimated costs that are a direct result of the February 2024 Winter Storm. This information will be used to determine if the estimated dollar amount of disaster damages within Los Angeles County meets the established thresholds to qualify for various disaster assistance programs.

Review and complete the Damage Collection Survey

Completion of this survey does not guarantee a disaster declaration will be received and it does not guarantee the County or its residents will be eligible to receive disaster assistance. This document is intended for information gathering purposes and will be used to determine eligibility based on the total amount of damages countywide. If you have any questions regarding information being collected or this form, email

The County has established a Local Assistance Center to provide support to those who have been impacted by the February 2024 Winter Storms. The purpose of a Local Assistance Center (LAC) is to provide individuals, family members, and business owners with resources to obtain information on services and assistance needed because of a disaster or damage to personal property. A LAC is intended to guide residents through the recovery process, regardless of the size of the loss.

Please view the complete list of Local Assistance Center resources.

Please view the complete list of Local Assistance Center resources in Spanish.

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